Vital Energy Alignment- Kundalini Activation



A Little About Me

My name is Rebekah, I'm from a small island called Malta 🇲🇹 I’ve been travelling about and living away since 1999. I'm presently based in Malta, but I get a feeling that I'll be relocating once again, as I'm sensing a period of change presenting itself which I'm deeply surrendered to.

I'm a Sound healing Therapist, Reiki & Seichem Master, a Kriya Kundalini Yoga teacher, Crystal Therapist and teacher and contemporary Shaman.

My journey spans over 28 years of teaching, studying and self discovery leading me into mysticism & the metaphysical sphere. I am also a psychic medium channeller and love to offer oracle, tarot and astrology readings. I'm currently studying Bio Danza and unravelling new passages in this physical existence I'm sharing with you all.

This has catalysed into a brand which I built called The Maltese Mystic Yogi which enabled to share my love for elevation and expansion in myself and others.

I enjoy making jewellery, going on nature walks and hiking.

Above everything, I'm diverse, adventurous, creative, innovative, caring and very curious.

I love community and bringing people together, music, singing with my drum and my diverse range of crystalline instruments, I relish in drinking cacao and sharing it with others and I am exploring an old childhood dream through learning how to facilitate and train others in bio danza.

I have an incredible zest for self development within the mind, body spirit field which is what led me to the Kundalini Activation modality.

After a couple of sessions, I said to myself it's clear this is something that I need to learn and share with others due to its effectiveness. And sure enough I didn't even need to to try and find a course because one presented itself to me and it was was right one for me too.

I was 100% in. The loving call was graceful but loud and clear. It was what I needed to continue my path.

The same way that I feel when I have my Eureka moments during my continual journey on this path, I also feel about the numerous clients and the people that seek me out to assist their empowerment, expansion, elevation and transformation which happens bang in front of me.

The principles of all my offerings are founded on grace, pleasure, love, empowerment and freedom.

My greatest gifts are my heightened sense of awareness, my deeply compassionate heart and my extrasensory abilities Clairvoyance (ability to see), Clairsentinence (ability to feel) and Claircognizance (ability to know).